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Re-Opening 12th April 2021

Horsham Gymnastics Centre

We are very pleased to be able to confirm that recommencement of classes will start as from 9:30am on Monday 12th April 2021.


Club Rules Updated 6th April 2021 (Covid-19 Amendment 2)

On commencement of classes in April, all Gymnastics classes will be running in the same format and under the same social distancing rules as implemented and operated during the period between Sept 2020 to Dec 2020, this is necessary to allow us to operate and maintain a suitable Covid-19 safe environment for all our gymnasts and members of staff. 

It is especially important, that all our members take time to read through, and fully understand the following rules and procedures, this will ensure everyone involved is fully informed and prepared to restart their gymnastic class. Should you need any clarification please do not hesitate to ask us for any additional information needed.

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be a risk to vulnerable individuals, it is likely that changes to the operation of Gymnastics classes may change in line with updated government recommendations and guidelines. As soon as any changes are introduced this will be published on our website and HGC Customer Portal. Please work with us to support these important changes to ensure the safety of everyone attending and working within the gymnastics centre.

Key Points to take note of


1. Temperature testing will take place for all on arrival, anyone detected to be outside of the recommended limits, will not be allowed into the Gym, they will then be asked to return home to isolate and get tested ASAP.

2. The viewing gallery will be closed and will only be used for class support functions.

3. All after school and weekend classes, Parents/guardians or any other nonparticipating individuals will not be allowed within the gymnastic space. Therefore, it is essential that children are happy and comfortable to attend classes without parents/guardians being present.

 4. All daytime preschool classes, Parents/guardians only will be allowed within the gymnastic space but they must remain at all times within the designated parents/guardians space and maintain suitable social distancing between other individuals as directed by the government guidelines in force at the time. Due to the current restrictions regarding social distancing, we can only accommodate one parent/guardian per child the gymnastics centre.

If you need to bring a younger child with you, they must remain with you in the designated viewing area for parents/guardians and adhere to social distancing rules.

All parents/guardians of pre-school will be required to wear a face mask whilst in the gymnastics centre, unless they are exempt for medical reasons.

5. Suitable changing facilities at the leisure centre will not be available, therefore all gymnasts should arrive at the gym fully prepared in their gymnastics clothing, ready to start their class.

6. There will be limited toilet facilities at the leisure centre, toilets will be available for use, however we would strongly recommend that where possible, all individuals should take the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to arriving at the gym.

7. The number of gymnasts and format of classes within the gym will vary from time to time to allow for cleaning and suitable social distancing, in accordance with the government Covid-19 recommended safe environment guidelines in force at the time.

8. Coaches will not be able to physically support gymnasts. Contact between gymnasts and coaches will only happen in an emergency/first-aid situation. Should any gymnast feel unwell, showing any symptoms, or unable to follow the required rules we will contact you to immediately return to the Gym to collect your child.

Arriving at the Gym to attend a class

9. If any individual is unwell for any reason, or a member of their close family feels unwell, or displaying any Covid-19 symptoms even if very mild, you should not come to the gym, you should stay at home and get tested ASAP.

10. Main entrance to the Gym has changed.

For evening and weekend classes entry to the gym will only be via the double fire door located at the far right-hand side of the car park. No individuals should try to access the gym through the main leisure centre reception area, or internal main corridor leading into the Gym.

There is also a new exit route from the gym. Exit will only be via the double fire doors located at the opposite end of the gym, at the fire exit below the viewing gallery stairs.

For pre-school classes entry and exit to the gym will be via the double fire doors located by the viewing gallery stairs.  


Timing your arrival

12. Please ensure that gymnasts arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of their class. On arrival please make note of the floor markings and signage, please line up outside the entrance door and maintain social distancing rules when waiting to enter the gym, wherever possible please do not be late.

13. No gymnast can enter the gym until invited to do so by a member staff. HGC staff will be at the entry door waiting for you to arrive.

14. All Gymnasts should turn up, “class ready” i.e. long hair must be tied back neatly and securely, leotards or other suitable clothing such as, shorts T-Shirt, ready to start their gymnastics class.

15. Coaches will be unable to help with hair, earing tape, or clothing.

16. Drinks bottles should only contain water, no juice or any other soft drinks will be allowed within the gym, please provide your child with enough water for the duration of their class, as it will not be possible to access the leisure centre water fountains.

17. No spray bottles of any type will be allowed within the gym.

18. Clean containers will be provided for all gymnasts on arrival, this is to allow them to safely store all their personal belonging within the training hall during their class.

Timing your pick up.

19. We will do our best to ensure that all classes finish on time, and that gymnasts will be ready for collection. Parents/guardians will need to be at the gym exit doors ready to collect children at the end of the class.

20. Please make sure if you are waiting outside, that you maintain a safe social distance. Once you have collected your child please move away from the exit doors and continue to maintain a safe distance from others.

Registration & Payment

21. Everyone attending the club must be either a member of the club and pay an annual club membership fee, or alternatively attend our causal pay-as-you-go drop in sessions.

22. All members participating in gymnastic classes, over the age of 3, must be registered and hold a current BGA (British Gymnastics Association) Insurance Membership. The BGA membership for each year runs from 1st October until the 30th September. To complete the BG online registration and membership process, please visit for additional information or assistance with this registration process please contact BGA on 0345 1297129. If BGA membership is not in place, your child will not be able to participate in gymnastic classes until it has been completed. 

23. It is a requirement for all members to complete the HGC online Customer Portal registration process, you must provide full contact information. This includes (at a minimum) the full names of gymnasts and parents/guardians, Gymnasts DOB, a valid email, telephone, and postal address. To help us support your child correctly please ensure that we are informed of any medical conditions, injury or illness that may affect the child’s training e.g. asthma, earache, colds, dizziness etc. All information is held within your secure personal HGC portal account which you can view update and amend as needed. If any of your details change i.e. contact details, please update this via the HGC parent portal so all records are kept up to date.

24. Children are expected to behave in an orderly and appropriate manner and to listen to the coaches’ instructions.

25. Only bring with you the essential personal items need to attend your class and remember to take them home with you.

26. All items that are left will be at the owner’s risk and will need to be disposed of at the end of the session, the club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage.

27. Jewellery must not be worn. Earrings should be removed. Children that have recently had their ears pierced must cover the earrings with micropore tape.