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Hgc will be closed on the following dates due to the May bank holiday's

Monday 6th May 

Monday 27th May



Level 1

  • Shapes: stretch, tuck, star, pike, and straddle
  • Front and back support
  • Jumps: stretch, tuck, and star
  • Rock and roll
  • Bunny hop
  • Forward roll down a slope to stand

Level 2

  • Dish and arch
  • Piked handstand on a block with one leg up
  • Bunny hops over bench
  • Forward roll on floor
  • Backward roll down a slope
  • Single leg balance

Level 3

  • Cartwheel over a bench
  • Forward roll to straddle sit
  • Backward roll on floor (to squat or straddle)
  • Arabesque
  • Cat leap
  • Handstand against wall, hold for minimum 3 seconds (walk up)

Level 4

  • Shoulder-stand
  • Split leap (over a hoop)
  • Half turn jump
  • Forward roll to straddle stand
  • Bridge
  • Handstand

Level 5

  • Straddle jump
  • Pike jump
  • Tucked headstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Backward roll to front support
  • Bridge with one leg up

Level 6

  • Straight leg headstand
  • One handed carthweel
  • Bridge kick-over
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Full turn jump
  • Pike or straddle lever (feet can remain on floor)