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Level 1

  • Walking forwards
  • Walking sideways
  • Walking backwards
  • Stretch jump on the beam to land on beam
  • Bunny hops
  • Balance on one leg
  • Basic dismounts: stretch, tuck and star jump

Level 2

  • Walking forwards on tip toes with arms by ears
  • Walking backwards on tip toes with arms by ears
  • Knee lift walks
  • Dip walks
  • Caterpillar walks
  • Forward roll to tuck sit on bench
  • Dismounts: pike and straddle jump

Level 3

  • Kick walks forwards
  • Walking sideways on tip toes with arms by ears
  • Jumping along the beam
  • Pike walks
  • Tuck jump on the beam to land on the beam
  • Forward roll on a bench
  • Dismounts: jump half turn and/or jump full turn

Level 4

  • Kicks backwards
  • Star turn to star sideways walks with hands touching the beam on each turn
  • One legged bunny hops
  • Hopping on one leg
  • Arabesque or Y scale
  • Free roll on bench
  • Dismount: Round-off off bench

Level 5

  • Spin prep
  • Cat leap
  • Forward roll to sit in star on high beam
  • Squat walks
  • Cartwheel on a bench
  • Handstand on a bench
  • Dismount: Round off (high beam)

Level 6

  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Forward roll to stand
  • Half spin
  • Split leap or split jump
  • Running along low beam
  • Dismount: Handspring (supported)