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 Horsham Gymnastics Centre will be closed on Monday 17th February, Tuesday 18th February and Wednesday 19th February. No classes will be running on these dates.

We will also be closed on Thursday 20th February 9am-4pm. Classes will recommence as normal 4-8pm on this date. You will receive a credit on your February invoice for any cancelled classes. 


Sussex Invitational 2017

Well done to all the girls at the Sussex invitational on Sunday 4th June 2017.

Round 1 - level 5 in age - Poppy 6th, Lara 5th, Anna 3rd, Arabella 2nd.
Round 2 - level 4 in age - Elisha 5th, Brooke 3rd, Tabitha 2nd.
Round 3 - Level 4 out of age - Morgan 9th, Phoebe 3rd (1st sussex member), Lola 1st. Izzy 1st (1st sussex member).
Level 3 out of age - Charley 1st (1st sussex member)
Round 4 - FIG Challenge Espoir - Honesty 2nd (1st sussex member)
FIG Challenge Junior - Scarlett 1st (1st sussex member).

Excellent competition from all girls with lots of new moves being put out successfully!!