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Sussex Championships 2019

24 October 2019 12:03

Sussex Championships- 21st & 22nd September 2019

Women's Artistic Modified

Modified Level 5 


Bella - 1st overall. Bella also took home the trophy for the highest Level 5 modified score of the competition.



Miranda - 1st overall.


Women's Artistic

Level 4

In age 2010

Isla- 1st overall

Lucy- 2nd overall

Zara- 4th overall

Nureeza- 5th overall


Out of Age- 2008-2009

Poppy- 1st overall


Level 3 

In age- 2009

Georgia came 1st on all four pieces resulting in a 1st place overall.


Out of age- 2007-2005

Morgan- 1st overall 


Level 2

In age

Brooke- 1st overall

Tabitha- 2nd overall


Out of age

Lola- 1st overall

Isabel- 2nd overall


Espoir Challenge

Cissy- 2nd overall. Cissy also got the highest FIG floor score.

Phoebe- 5th overall

Senior Challenge

Scarlett- 1st overall. Scarlett also got the highest FIG beam score and is the FIG Supreme Champion.


Floor and Vault

Bronze 8-9 

Evie- 1st overall


Bronze 10-11

Aimee- 1st overall

Anna- 2nd overall

Lottie- 3rd overall

Timara- 4th overall


Silver 10-11

Evie- 1st overall


Silver 12-14

Annabel- 1st overall

Ella- 2nd overall


Silver 15+

Frenki- 1st overall

Anna- 4th overall



Grade 2

Women's Pairs- Out of age

India and Sophia- 1st overall


Mixed Pairs

Frazer and Misha- 1st overall


Grade 3

Women's Pairs

Nina and Poppy- 1st overall


Grade 4

Women's Pairs

Lily and Willow- 1st overall



Women's Pairs

Jaia, Garce and Holli- 1st overall



Women's Groups

Georgia, Olivia and Jess- 1st overall



Women's Pairs

Lily and Ella- 1st overall


Click here for the full results.



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