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Quatro Cup 2019

24 October 2019 13:05

Quatro Cup 2019- 11th-13th October 2019 in Wiltshire


This competition saw Horsham compete against some of the best clubs from across the country.

Level 3 in age

Georgia started off the weekend by finishing 8th overall at level 3. She also picked up a silver award for vault and also top scored on vault and was 5th on floor.


Level 4 in age

Poppy placed 12th overall and top scored on floor as well as picking up a gold award on vault and floor and a bronze award for bars.

Nureeza placed 20th overall, collecting a gold award for bars and silver award for vault with a =6th place on vault and =8th on bars.

Zara placed 16th overall with a gold award for bars and bronze award for floor. She placed =7th on bars.

Isla placed 11th overall with a gold award for bars and bronze award for floor. She finished =4th on bars, =6th on beam and =5th on floor.

Lucy placed 2nd overall with a gold award for bars, bronze award for beam and silver award for floor. She was 5th on bars, 3rd on beam and top scored floor.

The level 4 team also took home the bronze medal.


Level 3 out of age

Morgan placed 6th overall at level 3 put of age and gained a bronze award.


Senior FIG 

Scarlett finished 5th in the Senior FIG category .


Espoir FIG

Phoebe finished 15th in the Espoir FIG category, only competing 3 pieces, but competed her vault for the first time.

Cissy finished 11th in this category.

The FIG team finished 7th.


Level 2 Out of age

Lola finished 9th overall at level 2 OOA as well as achieving 2 bronze awards.

Izzy finished 8th overall at this category as well as achieving a silver award.


Level 2 in age

Tabitha finished 3rd overall at level 2 in age and collected a gold and silver award as well as an artistry award for floor.

Brooke finished 2nd overall at level 2 in age.

The level 2 team finished 2nd.

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