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C&L Invitational 2019

24 October 2019 13:45

C&L Invitational 2019


Modified 7

Ava- 1st overall, 1st on bars, 1st on vault and 1st on floor.

Modified 6

Holly- 2nd overall, 2nd vault and 1st beam.


Modified 5

Bella- 1st overall, 1st on vault, 1st on floor, 1st on bars and 3rd on beam.

Miranda- 7th overall, 4th on vault and 4th on floor.


In the Bronze category-

Evie B- 1st overall, vault and floor and 2nd Bar and Beam

Timara- 3rd on all four pieces and overall

Lottie-2nd on all four pieces and overall

Aimee-1st on all four pieces and overall


In the silver category-

Evie S- 1st on all four pieces and overall

Annabel- 2nd overall, 3rd Vault and Bars, 1st Beam and Floor

Frenki- 2nd overall and Bars, 1st Vault, Beam and Floor

Anna- 1st overall and Bars, 2nd Vault and Beam, 3rd Floor




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