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Quatro Cup 2018

15 October 2018 11:25

Quatro Cup – Wiltshire

Day 1

Round 1 - Level 3 in age saw 22 gymnasts competing. In a very strong group of girls Brooke took 6thplace overall, 5thon floor and 7th on vault. She also picked up a bronze award on bars. Tabitha placed 9th overall, 4th on bars and 6thon beam. Elisha competed well to place 16th overall. These girls also won the team silver.

Round 2 - Level 4 In age with 21 gymnasts competing. Again, a very strong field of gymnasts competed from all over the country. Arabella placed 8th overall, 5th on vault, 7thon bars and 8th on floor. Georgia placed 8th overall, 3rdon vault and 8th floor.

Round 3 - Pre-Level 4 had 28 gymnasts competing all aged 8 years. Isla placed 10th overall, 7thon vault (bronze award), 4thon beam (gold award) and 6thon floor (silver award).

Day 2

Round 1 - Level 6 Competition 1 had 17 competitors. Zara placed 4th overall, 5th on vault (silver award), 4th on bars, 3rd on beam (bronze award) and 3rd on floor (gold award). Lucy became the Quatro Cup L6 champion. She was also 1ston vault (gold award), 2ndon bars (bronze award), 1ston beam (gold award) and 2nd on floor (gold award).

Round 2 - Level 6 Competition 2 had 42 competitors. Naomi placed 19th overall and 4th on floor (silver award). Nureeza was 14th overall, 2nd on vault (gold award) and 8thon floor. Autumn had a steady competition placing 8th overall, 3rdon vault (gold award), 7thon bars and 9th on beam (bronze award)

These 3 girls were also 4thas a team.

Well done to all who competed. A few falls but also some clean and successfully competed new skills/routines performed.

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